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Top Places to Visit in Jacksonville – Travellers’ Choice


jacksonville tourist attractions


Jacksonville is a large city located in Florida and it has a very high population. Jacksonville is a tourist destination which is very wealthy in history & culture. It occupies an average area of two thousand, two hundred and ninety two square kilometers and its population is known to be very high. Many people have been seen flocking here every year in order to take in some of the destination’s sunshine and exploring the city’s history & culture which can be got here. On top of that, most people look forward not only to enjoy the cool vibe of the Jacksonville’s beach communities but also to enjoy various attractions & sights that the city has to offer. Since it is located on the famous St. Johns River & Atlantic Ocean too, it has become highly successful for the development of this city. There are several key attractions which you must visit once you travel to Jacksonville city.

They include:

Cummer Museum for Art & Gardens


Combine your love for fine arts, some culture as well as natural beauty together with a fast visit to Cummer Museum for Art & Gardens. There one can get to explore various art works, ranging from the historic artwork to the 21st century works. You will get displays & exhibitions from all over the world; therefore in case you enjoy arts then you are definitely in for some fantastic time once you visit there. You will later get the delights of some stunning gardens which you are going to enjoy, having beautiful sculptures and fountains & the well-known Cummer Oak.

Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

It always feels great taking a zoo trip together with your family since it is really fun & a memorable experience. Right at the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, one can expect to have great fun together with their entire family while taking in the many animals & exotic plants which are found here. One can expect to explore various animal exhibits & the garden ones once you visit the place. One can similarly book some experiences like the tours, some keeper demos, & getting close to the animals.

Museum of Science & History


This is a perfect place for the individuals who are after something that is fascinating, educational & also exciting. This museum offers a perfect solution in terms of making it such a fun for children to get to know about science & regional history. On top of that, there are several interactive areas which are often fun & exciting for children as well as adults. You are also going to get the biggest single lens planetarium that there is in the world in this museum.

Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

This is a perfect choice for the individuals who are enthusiasts of some great outdoors, some natural beauty & recreation. One might anticipate getting fresh air, walking along the beautiful lake, & hiking along the excellent strolling trails which can be got there. There are similarly events which normally take place at this arboretum, therefore it’s worth looking to see if there is something scheduled for once you get there. This is a perfect place where you get some peace & quiet just away from the daily hustle & bustle.

Adventure Landing: The Jacksonville Beach


Temperatures might soar while in Jacksonville and therefore the best means of cooling off is definitely a walk to this water park. The adventure Landing is going to offer you together with the family a perfect and a joyful experience while in the water park since you are going to have plenty of things to do while you will be there. There are several great rides and playing areas for kids. A wave pool & lazy river just to name a few are among the favorites which are found there & you can also enjoy go-karting, arcade gaming or miniature golf too.

In the metropolitan area of Jacksonville, Jacksonville happens to be the main city. Take your to visit Jacksonville. Travel there and relax on the stunning beaches; hike, bike & get to explore the national state & city parks; get to dine in the top rated restaurants; get to paddle through the nature-filled waterways; or even relax in some comfortable place. There is plenty of things to do for the families, nature-enthusiasts, golfers, couples, cultural & historical travelers, foodies & more. There are several festival taking locations in Jacksonville city including the Jazz festival which is the second biggest American festival that takes place in Jacksonville, Florida annually.

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