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Gainesville FL’s Famous people 

Not only is Gainesville, Florida, home to fun in the sun in the middle of the sunshine state, it’s also home to some of Florida’s biggest celebrity natives. An entire plethora of talent, from actors and musicians, to writers and athletes, have called Gainesville home over the years.

This Alachua County oasis has proven time and again to birth some of the most renowned workers in a variety of entertainment fields. Below we’ll take a look at just a few of the notable names that appear in the Gainesville citizenship roster. You may recognize them for their contributions to pop culture and the arts in the United States and around the world. 

Perhaps one of Gainesville’s most famous musical residents is the one and only leader of The Heartbreakers, and Gainesville based group, Mudcrutch, Tom Petty. Born in Gainesville, Petty is best known for his southern rock anthems like ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’ and ‘Free Falling.’ “I really love this town, you need to know what you got here.” Petty said at a homecoming tour stop in 2006.

Though Tom may be considered his hometown’s patron saint of music, Gainesville has played it’s role in providing the stomping ground for many different groundbreaking artists and bands over the years. Some famous musical faces you may see walking the streets of Gainesville include Andrew Copeland of the seminal 90’s group Sister Hazel, Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember, and Laura Jane Grace of the punk band Against Me! 

Music is far from the only industry that the celebrity citizens of Gainesville show patronage to, however. Joaquin Phoenix, face of Johnny Cash in 2005’s Walk the Line, River, who passed in 1993 and along with brother Joaquin are the only brothers to have been nominated for an Academy Award in acting, and sister Rain Phoenix, have all called Gainesville home. Renowned sports figures and greats in their games also lay claim to residence of the city, including baseball player, football legend, and Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow, as well as MLB mainstay and current Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Andrew Miller, and skateboarding icon Rodney Mullen. 

Home to the University of Florida, Gatorade, and revolutionaries in every field, the arts, pop culture, and education run heavy through the veins of the Alachua County seat.

When visiting Gainesville it’s not uncommon to spot the familiar faces we’ve talked about, and many, many more, at local bistros, while seeing the sights, or relaxing in the sun. The oasis of Gainesville offers a hotbed of talent and celebrity culture in a beautiful Florida locale.

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