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Why Business Owners need to Focus on SEO to improve their Business in 2018


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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a vital tool and strategy that any business should have to increase the chances of making more revenues and profits. However, many business owners still lack the basic
knowledge of how SEO work to achieve these primary objectives. For your  business to increase more traffic, leads, conversions, and revenues, your website page (s) should rank high in search engines when local
searches are conducted.Check our guide on choosing the best SEO agency for your SEO campaigns.

Most people rarely go past the first two pages when they conduct internet searches, and that is why the effective SEO strategies are necessary. Most popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have
refined their algorithms which will require you have high-quality site content for your local  business.

Below is a guide on how SEO can help you to drive more revenue to your business 


Researching and inserting the right keyword is one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy that will enable your target audience to find your business when they conduct internet searches. You should focus on using the right keyword in your content, title, meta descriptions and header tags. The right keywords will also improve the overall ranking of your
business website. For your local business, for instance, you will need to insert the location-based keyword which is the Jacksonville, FL. It will enable your local audience to find you when conducting the online searches. However,
it is important to avoid overusing or inserting the keywords too many times and instead put them naturally in your quality site content.

Quality Content

SEO allows you to create a quality content that will persuade your audience to purchase your goods and services. It allows you create interesting, engaging, informative and persuasive content. It is this opportunity that offers your business to identify with your target audience and attract more of them while increasing your traffic, conversions, and revenues.
It is also advisable that you ensure your content is original and avoid focusing too much on advertising your brand. Make your content informative, and your audience will see that you are not only focused on making more money but
also trying to offer solutions through your brand. Additionally, always strive to give your audience new contents on regular basis.

Increased Visibility

By applying SEO strategies, you are increasing your business’ visibility because many people nowadays go to the internet to search information on goods and services. By having a website which ranks in higher pages like page one or two, you will increase your business visibility where your target audience will find what you are offering. Another important thing
to note is that SEO is here to stay and its effectiveness will continue to grow in future as more emphasis on the convenience of internet searches is also increasing.

Backlink Building to Increase Trust

Creating backlinks are also helpful in building trust and improving your SEO strategies. You can do this by creating guest posts to reputable websites or blogs and link them to your business websites. When creating backlinks, you should first put your efforts in showing that your main focus is to provide value to their websites. They will then accept you and provide you with the opportunity to get their backlinks. When Google bots see that your site is linked to reputable websites, there are more chances that they will rank you higher. It is one of the most effective ways of
ranking better and improving your traffic and revenues.

Going Mobile

Another important aspect of SEO that you need to take into consideration is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. More people are conducting internet searches with their mobile handsets, and this trend is
increasing. Chances are if your website is not mobile-friendly or optimized, you risk missing a great number of audience visitors who can easily turn to potential and loyal clients and greater revenues.

SEO Statistical Reports that have Benefitted Local Businesses



More Searches are Conducted on Mobile Devices 

More searches are conducted on mobile handsets and as mentioned earlier. Always make sure that your website platform is optimized for mobile devices.

70% of the searches are Organic

As long as the non-organic platforms have the capabilities of increasing traffic, more people trust organic searches and are more likely to click on organic sites to find their desired products or services. Focus on
improving your SEO to boost organic searches and increase traffic.

In 2017, Global desktop searches comprised of 79% Google, while others such as
Bing, Baidu, and Yahoo were 7%, 6%, and 5% respectively.

It shows that you will always need Google to increase the visibility of your business website where your audiences are more likely to find you and buy your goods and services.

Search ranks at number 1 driver in increasing traffic according to Outbrain Study and is ahead by 300% to social

Search is important, and that shows the importance of SEO. However, it is advisable to combine it with social media for excellent results.

50% of Searches involve Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are also important, for instance, if you wish to market your SEO brand, instead of simply saying SEO your city; you can also put it �finding the best SEO in your city.’ This also means
users are searching something specific to what they want to find.

The above guide is very helpful in providing the knowledge of how SEO services can help you in driving more traffic and revenues to your business in Jacksonville, FL. All you need is focus, hard work and patience as you
strive to boost your revenues and profits with excellent SEO strategies.