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Travel Guide Gainesville


Gainesville is your dream outdoor destination thanks to
world-class snorkeling, kayaking and a host of other exciting activities. The
natural surroundings that include lakes, parks and the nearby Paynes Prairies
National Reserve provide an exciting green getaway from the hustle and bustle
of busy city life. The styles and costs of accommodations are moderate due to
the fact majority of the revelers here are students and football fans.

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Below is your ultimate Travel Guide Gainesville; describing attractive places to visit
and family-friendly restaurants; 


Places to visit


1. The Santa Fe


Santa Fe, located on ten forested acres, doubles as a
community zoo as well as the training facility that Zoo Animal Technology
Program utilizes. It houses an impressive 250 individual animals and 70 species
in its collection and allows guests to come pretty close to some of them. The
kids are not left out; a multistage playground is available for them. As for
adults, there are very many favorite events such as Boo at the Zoo, Party for
the Planet in each April among much more.


2. Florida Museum


Get an ecstasy of a lifetime with full-sized mastodon and
mammoth, ancient fossils, giant shark jaws guaranteed to kindle your
imaginations. This natural history houses more than 40 million historic objects
and specimens. Situated on the University of Florida, strolling through the
museum’s Tropical Rainforest containing over 1,500 free-flying butterflies is
just breathtaking. Besides rich collections in archaeology, anthropology,
botany ornithology and mammalogy, it features very many fascinating replicas
that include a full-size model of mangrove forest and Florida cave.


3. Kanapaha Botanical Garden


Kanapaha is one of the most popular travel destinations
Gainesville. Seasoned flowers, palms, ferns are just some of its incredible
wonders. The Children’s Garden with fascinating waterfalls, unique water plants
and beautiful fish ponds, nonetheless, provide an unforgettable spectacle.
Another brilliant reminiscence awaits you at the cathedral-like Bamboo garden
in which the whistling wind produces a pleasant, peaceful sound. Wind up your
visit to Kanapaha by taking a look at giant Victoria lilies, your ideal place
to pack your lunch and enjoy the magnificence.


Restaurants Suitable for the entire family


A family vacation requires some family meals, and
Gainesville contains a broad range of family-oriented dining options.
Restaurants have children’s menus as well as booster seats allowing you to
slice Satchel’s Pizza before going to Sweet Dreams Ice Cream for dessert. Some
comfort food and kid-friendly burger are available at several eateries,
including Bev’s Better Burger. You just can’t run out of options with the
restaurants in this preferred travel destination.




Gainesville is full of interesting sites to visits,
captivating historical museums and everything a travel enthusiast desires. The
culture, populace, urban arts and family-oriented hotels give it a unique
allure that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Utilize this Travel Guide Gainesville
to explore Gainesville’s magnificent outdoors.