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Gainesville , Florida images

Have the destiny brought you to Gainesville in Florida? And now you wonder what to do there? There are a lot of activities you can do and keep yourself entertained while your stay there. Maybe this city was not the first on your list to visit, but it is always interesting to discover new things and learn about new places. Every place has its secrets. There are some interesting things you didn’t know about this city. Check them.

  1. Innovation drink

– In 1965 the professor Robert Cade developed a new drink that boosts the carbohydrates and electrolytes and acts like a power drink. Today we know this drink as Gatorade.


  1. Home of many celebrities
  • It is commonly known that the people in Gainesville say that they have they own Hollywood. The city is a home place for many celebrities like Don Felder – Eagles, Tom Petty, Joaquin Phoenix and much much more.
  1. Natural wonder
  • There is a natural wonder in the city – Devil’s Millhopper. This is a cavity large 120 ft and leads to a rainforest. From 1880s this natural wonder has been labeled as a National Natural Landmark. You will definitely want to visit this place if the path ever leads you to Gainesville.
  1. Hardcore people
  • The punk music has its roots in the city. The FEST music festival attracts thousands of visitors every year. Even though the people are wearing black and living in a state where the weather is always sunny, these people love the vibrant music scene of the punk.
  1. The school is not just for the students
  • The city is home to the 6th largest university in USA, The University of Florida, and you don’t need to be a student if you want to learn new things. The University offers a lot of opportunities for the residents where they can enjoy and educate themselves. The theater performances, the education and the campus are just amazing.
  1. Adrenaline
  • There is a national racing event known as National Hot Rod Association that is held every year in Gainesville. If you want the adrenaline then this is the right choice for you. The Gatornationals is a tradition in the city since 1970.

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Leonardo’s Pizza

  • There is an amazing restaurant across the street of the UF campus where you can enjoy in a delicious slice of pizza. Those who are on a college budget can enjoy on some garlic butter roles. It is impossible to go there and not visit this place. It’s a must. The restaurant also makes gluten-free pizza crust and a lot of salads.
  1. Midtown
  • If you are concerned on where to go on Friday night or any other day, do not be anymore. The midtown has a chain of bars and restaurants that provide its services to the residents. This is located across the campus on the University Avenue and there you can find 101 Cantina and Balls, The Swamp Restaurant and much more.
  1. There is everything in downtown
  • If you need a restaurant, theater, nightclub, or anything else, you can find it downtown. Your Saturday nights will be amazing while you enjoy in the area. There is a lot of music and entertainment and you will never want to leave the city.
  1. Cool history
  • There is the Florida Museum of the natural history that was founded in 1891 and is an official natural museum. The flora, fossils and fauna are exhibited in the museum. You will feel the scent of the culture right in this place.




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